If you are interested in going zero waste, living a more sustainable lifestyle but don't know where to begin then I can help.  You can consult with me on an hourly basis in which I can coach you to living a more "free of waste", healthy lifestyle. 

Here is how it works...

YOU - email me about working together

ME - I will respond with several dates to meet.   (first hour is complimentary - OC only).  $50 per hour elsewhere.  

YOU - agree to hire me for a minimum of an hour at $50 per hour

ME - I will bring you some goodies as well as go over with you what you can do in your own home to reduce your waste.  I can even go shopping with you and show you how we can zero waste shop. 

YOU - implement what I have taught you and enjoy your new journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

I will be giving you all kinds of ideas, tips and tricks and working with you one on one to help get you on that healthier path.  This does not mean that you have to go vegan or give up the things you love.  Their are just better sustainable alternatives.