Hey there and welcome!  My name is Rama.  I am a landscape designer, a vegan, an Iranian born bohemian chic trying to live a more sustainable (waste free) life.  I created this blog as my digital journal.  A way for me to document my sustainable life journey.  It will be the place where I will jot down ideas, tip/tricks and things I have learned along the way.

There is also the theory that hopefully this blog and my adventures will inspire others to live a more sustainable life.  At the very least you will learn something from my adventures and misadventures. But let me be clear that it will not always be a bed of roses.  I am not perfect!  You will see realness on some of my posts.  Life is a journey and I am learning along the way and hopefully meeting all kinds of new people.

Let me be clear in stating that I am not a medical professional.  So whatever I share on here is things that I have tried in my life and have either had good or bad experience with.  As I sated earlier this is my online diary.

Some facts about me that might interest you:  

I was born in Iran and moved to California when I was 9.5.  Let's just say that Iran and Iraq were not playing nice and my parents decided a move was in order.  

Since I was a little lady I have been obsessed with Def Leppard music.  To this day they are my favorite artist.  Seconded by Led Zeppelin.  

I live a carefree, don't give a shit about your opinion of me life.  I always did what I wanted and if people disagreed well that was not my problem.  

I have two feline fur kids (mylondoti).  My eldest Mylo keeps me on my toes and is the household trouble maker, while his stepsister Doti is very mellow.  

I live in a 424 square foot condo.  Yep you are reading this right.  I love my small home!