Thursday, January 5, 2017


I thought it was fare to explain why I feel so lucky.  This is not something that I felt was always true until the last couple of years.  You see I was born in Iran (Tehran to be specific) and at the time Iran and Iraq were not playing nice.  So my parents decided to move to the United States.  My mom's brother lives in Ventura county and the plan was to go there and live with him for a few months until we found a more permanent arrangement.  But getting there was not easy.  There is no American embassy in Iran so we went to Switzerland then to London and then to the US.  I also have 2 half siblings that lived in London at the time and the plan was to eventually all live in California.  Fast forward we ended up in Irvine living in a nice 4 bedroom house.  We did not have much of a yard but we had a house and food and cloths.

Even then I did not feel so lucky.  I was not sure of myself or the world that I lived in.  Maybe that had something to do with  moving away from most of my family to a country where I did not speak the language.  Either way I was unsure about life and what I wanted to do. Fast forward again to high school where every summer my mother and I would go to Iran to visit.  It was weird because I began to realize all the freedom I had.  Don't get me wrong life in Iran was nice, but life in the US was nicer. I had freedom.  I had opportunities that I would not have otherwise had.  So that started me thinking that maybe I am lucky.  Maybe I am one of those lucky ones.

Until you have lived in a country other than the US where freedom is endless then you cannot complain about life.  Americans have it easy being able to go as they please. Having endless career options.  Endless chances to live a great life.  That right there makes you lucky.  It has surely made me.

Now I am not going to say that this lucky life has been easy 24/7 but it has made me stronger and it has taught me how to live and enjoy every minute of it.  Even the not so great days.  So I ask of you due tell.  Why do you feel lucky?  I would love to know your story.  Due tell!

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